Server Time: Aug 25, 2020
Your Time: Aug 24, 2020
Top Resets

/Post             - Post a message in global chat

/s             - Add points in Str

/a             - Add points in Agi

/v             - Add points in Vit

/e             - Add points in Ene

/c             - Add points in Com

/pk                - Clear PK

/zen             - Add zen

/evo                - Evolve char class

/reset |auto|            - Reset character

/limparinv            - Clear inventory

/info             - Character status

/participar            - Join in event

/attack            - Start Custom Attack

/offattack         -Start Custom Attack Offline

/remaster            - ReAdd Master Skill Tree

/readd                - ReAdd stats

Dracula Mu Season 6 episode 15
 High exp server: 5000x

Ancient + YO : Activated
Ancient + Socket on
Custom items : On

 Cashop :on
 Reset on spot: on
Free Fo Set starter
Earn Wcc : By playing
Grand reset system :on
Grand Reset reward:5000wcc
Caracter Balanced
Season 7-15 Items:on
New Pets:On
Server host: Ireland,Dublin
All events full working
Fast respawn moobs spots !
 We are waiting for you to start
 this wonderfull journey with uss!